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how we work

Policy, Inc. is a New York-based nonprofit that advocates for criminal justice reform.

Meek Mill at REFORM Alliance campaign in Philadelphia (Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images)

Our Work

To achieve this vision, we work collaboratively with policymakers, stakeholders, and communities across New York to advance evidence-based solutions that will promote justice and equity in the criminal justice system. We focus on issues such as bail reform, pretrial detention, sentencing reform, and parole and re-entry, as well as broader issues related to racial and economic justice. 

One example in New York is the broken windows policing strategy which resulted in the over-policing and criminalization of low-level offenses. This approach has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low-income populations, leading to increased incarceration rates and further perpetuating cycles of poverty and injustice.

In addition, New York has one of the highest rates of pretrial detention in the country. This means that people are being held in jail before their trial, often for extended periods of time, simply because they cannot afford to pay bail. This practice has a devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities, and it is an issue that requires urgent attention and reform

At Policy, Inc., we are committed to advocating for policy solutions that will address these issues and promote justice and equity. We work with community organizations, advocates, and policymakers to develop evidence-based solutions that will help to end over-policing and reduce pretrial detention rates in the region.

Our advocacy efforts include organizing community events, engaging with local stakeholders, and providing technical assistance and support to organizations working on the ground. We believe that by working together with local partners and stakeholders, we can create positive change that will benefit the entire community.

Elmer Pratt, known as Geronimo, in court in California in 1997. Credit: Haywood Galbreath/Associated Press

Our Partners

We work in partnership with organizations such as LIFE Camp Inc., Kings of Kings, Man Up, and Community Capacity Development Inc, as well as the New York City Crisis Management System, to address the root causes of violence and promote peace and justice in our communities. 

We believe that investing in community-based solutions is essential to reducing violence and building safe, healthy, and thriving communities. That’s why we support the New York City Crisis Management System’s approach, which prioritizes a public health model of violence prevention and intervention.

Through this approach, trained violence interrupters from these organizations work closely with community members to identify and address the root causes of violence and prevent conflicts from escalating into violence. These violence interrupters are trusted members of their communities, with deep ties to the neighborhoods they serve. They use a combination of conflict mediation, support services, and community organizing to reduce violence and promote healing.

At Policy, Inc., we recognize that violence is a complex issue with many root causes, including poverty, trauma, and systemic inequality. That’s why we support a holistic approach to violence prevention that addresses these underlying factors.

Our advocacy efforts include supporting policies and programs that increase access to education, job training, and other resources that promote economic opportunity and social mobility. We also support policies that prioritize mental health and trauma-informed care, recognizing that many individuals who experience violence are also coping with trauma and other mental health issues.

Through our collaboration with various community based organizations like LIFE Camp, Inc., Kings of Kings, Man Up, and Community Capacity Development Inc, as well as the New York City Crisis Management System, we are working to build a future where everyone can feel safe, supported, and valued. We believe that by investing in community-based solutions and addressing the root causes of violence, we can create a more just and equitable society for all. Join us in our mission to create positive change and promote peace and justice in our communities.

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter in 2001 in St. Joseph, Mich (Credit: AP Photo/Barb Allison)

How You Can Help

Stay Informed

Educate yourself about the issues surrounding justice, equity, and violence prevention in New York State and beyond. Stay updated on current policies, initiatives, and community efforts aimed at addressing these issues. Policy, Inc. provides resources, reports, and information to help you stay informed and engaged.

Volunteer and Engage

Get involved in local organizations and community initiatives that are working towards justice and equity in New York State. Consider volunteering your time, skills, or expertise to support these efforts. By actively participating, you can contribute to positive change and make a meaningful impact in your community.

Support Evidence-Based Solutions

Advocate for evidence-based solutions and policies that promote justice and equity. Stay informed about proposed legislation and initiatives related to bail reform, pretrial detention, sentencing reform, parole and re-entry, and broader issues of racial and economic justice. Contact your local representatives, attend community meetings, and voice your support for policies that align with the vision of justice and equity.

Raise Awareness

Help raise awareness about the issues faced by communities in New York State. Use your voice to share stories, statistics, and personal experiences related to over-policing, criminalization, pretrial detention, and the impact of violence on individuals and communities. Utilize social media platforms, community forums, and other channels to amplify these voices and promote dialogue.

Donate and Support

Consider making a financial contribution to organizations like Policy, Inc., LIFE Camp, Inc., Kings of Kings, Man Up, Community Capacity Development Inc and the New York City Crisis Management System. Your donation can help fund research, advocacy efforts, community events, and programs that directly support justice, equity, and violence prevention. Every contribution counts and can make a significant difference in advancing positive change.

Remember, change starts with individuals and their collective actions. By joining forces with like-minded individuals and organizations, you can contribute to creating a more just, equitable, and peaceful community in New York State and beyond.

Join Us

Join us on this journey to a new chapter of your life. Together, we will unlock your potential, promote healing and rehabilitation, and create a more just and equitable society for all. 

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establishes procedures and parameters for sealing criminal convictions.

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establishes requirements for sealed records.

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establishes authority to promulgate forms, procedures, and processes for the sealing of records.

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incorporates records sealed under this legislation into exist-ing prohibitions against discrimination.

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address sealing of corrections records.

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establishes a private right of action.

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establishes severability.

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